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Monday, February 28, 2011

Radio Green Earth

We here at Gus HQ are in love with podcasts, espcially awesome public broadcasting shows like Radiolab or This American Life. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to survive another long trip without them. That's why we were excited when our recent trekker Robert turned us on to this NPR show: Radio Green Earth. Here's how they describe themselves:
Radio Green Earth is a weekly radio program produced for Public Radio focusing on the environment. You hear the latest environmental news and from the experts on subjects like alternative energy, green buildings, energy efficiency, endangered species, protecting the environment, the Everglades restoration, water conservation, and much more. We inform you about the technologies, products, and practices you can employ to become greener in every area of your organization, business, and your life.
It's always so satisfying to hear about productive ways to lead greener lives, rather than just to hear about problems without solutions. You can catch the show every Saturday at 5 pm on WXEL 90.7 FM, NPR’s West Palm Beach affiliate, or download their podcasts for free from iTunes (iTunes link). Let us know if you hear anything you like!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Internet as a Human Right

If you're reading this, you probably have a feel for how powerful the internet can be. Besides all the pictures of cats and naked people, it can directly improve people's lives: children can use it to learn; small businesses can use it to grow; individuals and groups can use it to make connections with other people; even revolutions can use it as a rallying point and a call to action.

However, the internet remains today the realm of the privileged. There have been many philanthropic projects that have tried to get computer and internet access out to those who don't have it, but handing someone a computer is much easier than ensuring they have the infrastructure to make full use of it.

That's why we were excited to read that is raising money to start buying some of the unused satellites that are already orbiting the earth, move them over areas without connectivity, and provide a free internet connection to the people below.

The group is working on other projects, too. You can read more about this particular one at

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Somos todos Bajanautas!

Practice your Spanish and learn about Baja's wilderness areas at the same time! Check out this awesome blog (albeit a couple of years past its prime?) by and for Baja-lovers (or shall we say, "Baja-nautas"!):

They've got all kinds of things listed in there, from why we shouldn't litter plastic, to what's behind the mystery gate in Punta China. They've even got video footage of swimming with the whale sharks in Bahia!