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Monday, September 17, 2012

Got to Love Ma' Nature!

The adventures just keep coming. This is Baja California after all and there really is no place like it. In fact, you can go to the same place down here almost every week and it's different. Different in a good way. I mean the kind of different where you don't get bored. You get more accustomed to change in small and large things here. Unlike many places, each day south of the border is different. Colors are different. Smells are different. Things are moving.

Just last week we breezed into the Hot Springs down here with a small group of Trekkers. I guess "breeze" is an exaggeration. Ol' Gus the Baja Adventure Bus did his best to get up the rugged road that leads to these desolate gems of beauty. We purred through the rock gardens, up toward the cactus strewn low lands and then up the craggy road that marks the entrance to the hot springs. That 's when the real adventure began.

Now we've been doing the hot spring thing for, geez, going on our 6th season. At this point we think we have things pretty well figured out. You know, chest out and ego bulging figured out. Ma' Nature was going to have none of that. The road into the springs was so torn up by the recent down pours of rain that it wasn't even close to drivable. What did we do? We do what all Trekkers do. We saddled up the backpacks and hiked into the hot springs. Not a long walk. Maybe about a mile or so. The hike was the most beautiful one we have ever encountered. Fresh from the rain the palm trees were at their finest. Nature was out everywhere. Cactus in bloom and the smell of desert grasses filled the air. And! an awesome all natural hot spring waiting for us under the shade of the area's most beautiful trees made it even more spectacular. All thanks to Ma' Nature's wrath if you will? Without all that rain I doubt it would have been so awe inspiring. Thanks Ma' Nature. Keep doing what you're doing and making our lives interesting. Love ya!