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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Tipi for the Treks

We started by sitting around the campfire listening to the sweet sound of  a Coyote howl dance on the wind. The breeze came in off the Sea of Cortez cool and gentle. And, just like that an idea was formed. Why not bring Tipi's on the Treks? A Tipi is nothing like a tent. If you have ever slept in one you know what I mean.

A Tipi is solid, easy to set up and, best of all, it stands up to a good breeze really well. Once the decision was made we contacted one of those funky companies that sell such things and talked to one of the guys who makes them for a living. All he kept saying was "You're going to Love it" "You're going to Love it" - Just like a broken record. He said it so much that we got caught up in his exuberance, too. Before we know it we we're saying " We're going to Love it" " We're going to Love it" This soon became our new mantra. So without haste that pesky 3x5 plastic card came out and we purchased one on the spot.

The thing arrived. In a big box. All the Trek Elves stood around in amazement when it showed itself for the first time. It was Love at first site. We didn't know why but just looking at that Tipi laying there like a new born baby was a thing to behold. Now, I'd like to tell you that we heard angels singing and all that jazz but that's simply not true. The newborn didn't look like a Tipi but we could see the possibilities once it "grew up" if you will?

We had a Trek in two days to visit the Whale Sharks in Bahia de Los Angeles. The Trek Elves got the paint out and started painting. The baby was to be yellow and green. Why? That's what we had on hand at Trek Hq so why not? After half the paint was on the Tipi and half on us we set it out to dry.

On the beach for the first time we set the baby up. We  had no idea what we were doing. After some practice it went up pretty easy. Or maybe it was the beer. I don't remember, but it was standing and our chests were out with pride.

The first night it blew like stink and people's tents were flipping over like tumble weeds in the wind. That little Tipi stood tall and proud and didn't move an inch. After that we were sold. The Tipi is the way to go.

Thanks nice man up in Montana for you exuberance. You were right. "We Love it"