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Monday, December 17, 2012

Baja Trek Annual Holiday Toy Trot

It's that magical time of year again. The time of year where you get that warm fuzzy feeling and everyone else has it too. It's contagious I tell you. We're doing the annual Baja Trek Holiday Toy Trot again this year.
It's so much fun. Just seeing the looks on those little kids faces when they get a Teddy Bear or toy for the holidays is priceless. There is nothing really like it anywhere.

The idea came about when I was a kid. Just a little itty bitty niggler if you will sporting nothing but my coolest pair of Batman feety pajamas. It was Christmas eve in our apartment complex and everything was not as quiet as a mouse.  

Our apartment was joined by other apartments on two sides and faced out to a small park area where all the kids would play on the grass. Not a bad place to play. Or see Santa! Anyway, it was Christmas eve and out of nowhere this monster station wagon jumps the street curb, drives into the park and stops right in front of my apartment. I in my feety pajamas just stared out the window while trying to hide behind the couch at the same time. It didn't work. I think I almost wet myself when the fat guy in the passenger seat got out of the station wagon and walked up to my door and knocked with a booming Ho, Ho, Ho. 

Holy Bat Crap Batman it really is Santa. I opened the door. He patted me on the head and handed me something. I don't remember what it was. It doesn't matter. It was awesome because it was from Santa. And that's all I need to remember.

Thanks you Mr. Santa Clause. It's in your spirit that we do these annual Baja Trek Toy Trots. Love Love