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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Gulf Between Us

The Gulf Between Us
"The oil is not gone. This story is not over. We smelled it in the air. We felt it in the water. People along the Gulf Coast are getting sick and sicker. Marshes are burned. Oysters are scarce and shrimp are tainted. Jobs are gone and stress is high. What is now hidden will surface over time."

You should probably read this article, even though it's long, because: "To bear witness is not a passive act."

Another Veggie Oil-Powered Adventure Bus!

Their bus may not be as beautiful and glorious-looking as our Gus, but it's pretty cool nonetheless that the funky "prog-metal" band Mose Giganticus is currently touring around in a lean, mean, veggie oil-powered machine, just like us! And look, they even have a star on their door...

Read about it out here!

Do you like prog-metal?  I sure don't, but I kind of wish I did so that I could support their cause.  I'm passing the baton of responsibility in this matter on to you!

Monday, October 18, 2010


When's the last time you saw stars like you should see them?