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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another Whale Shark Beach Express Trek in the Books

Another Whale Shark Beach Express Trek in the Books

Welp, we did it again. It's been 6 years since our first Whale Shark Beach Express. Six years of adventure. Six years of new friends from all over the world. And, six good years of happiness.

This year was amazing. A one of kind if you will. For the first time ever the Whale Sharks swam to us. That's right. Those huge living freight trains of living flesh came so close to the campsite on the beach that you could actually swim out and ride them. Never saw that before. They're kind of like puppies don't ya know. If they like you they'll follow you around and even let you ride them.

Something that you can tell your grand kids about for sure.

Of course we also did other things. It's not all serious business on a Baja Trek like swimming with Whale Sharks and Dolphins all day long. You have to have some fun, too. Ever go Scorpion Wranglin'? We did. They're fun to play with. And, it doesn't take a genius to do it either. In fact, it helps if you're slightly stupid. At least for us it does. Now don't go out and do this unless your past slightly stupid and well on your way to really stupid. That works for us too. Why? Cause you just might get hurted. And, no one is going to dare kiss your lil' boo boo. So, for the sake of safety (Safety is Job 2 on a Baja Trek. Fun is Job 1) I'm not going to tell you how to wrangle a scorpion.

 In other words "Don't try this at home kids" 

I know what you're thinking. That's effin' crazzzzzzy!!! Yup, it sure is. Your probably saying something like "I want to go on a Baja Trek and experience wildlife up close. BUT, not this close"

There are other options also ya know. You can go clamming, coyote watching, swim with the Dolphins in the bay or even go Crab hunting. We like to do that too. It's fun. And the little buggers are quick. Want to train for a Triathlon? Just chase a crab around for a few minutes. You'll get in shape real real quick. But, please folks practice catch and release. It's more fun like that. The Baja Trek Crew likes to catch em', tattoo em' and then release em' back into the wild. Why? So they can spread the Baja Trek Love of course. Can you imagine the look on the next person's face who catches one that has a "Gus the Bus" tattoo on his shell? Priceless I bet. At the very least worth a little itty bitty grin I think.

I could go on and on about things we do on a Baja Trek and the awesome places we go. But, that really isn't the important thing. What's important? It's making new friends, understanding new cultures and having unique experiences that create great memories that last a life time. Baja is just the canvas. The amazing people and  places are the paint. Love Love

Thanks! We Love you all         (Thanks Chase and Tamara for the great pics)